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Perfect comfort and
timeless design

Belimo Room Sensors and Room Operating Units

Belimo room sensors and room operating units are designed to complement  the existing sensor range. Their simple, clear aesthetics are ideal for installation in visible areas, featuring an elegant design and shallow depth that perfectly blends with the surroundings. With the expansion of the product range for visible areas of the room, Belimo offers the architect an aesthetic and timeless design, the installer quick installation, the system integrator easy commissioning and a comfortable room climate.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive product range of passive and active room sensors and room operating units for temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality measurements.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) allows fast programming, commissioning and troubleshooting – even without power*
  • Elegant, timeless design
  • Quick, tool-less housing access
  • Removable spring-loaded terminal blocks and reverse polarity protection provides fast and reliable installation*
  • Rugged PC-board cover plate protection against mechanical damage, dust, and vibration.
  • Fast response times, high measurement accuracy and minimal drift
  • Broad compatibility – with 0-5, 0-10, 2-10 V DC or MP-Bus output signals in a single unit*
  • Digital input with power supply for external device – such as a presence detector

    * for active devices

Timeless design

Belimo strives to offer products of the highest quality and reliability standards, while still offering a user-friendly design. That’s why Belimo room sensors have the slimmest profile of any active sensor on the market– even the multi-parameter temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor has a depth of just 22 mm – while still providing reliable operation. This simple, unobtrusive design ensures they fit seamlessly into any room, for ultimate room comfort without compromise.

Straightforward Installation

Belimo Room Sensors and Room operating units have been designed to be easily installed by avoiding mounting and wiring errors. They combine innovative technology with simple installation for trouble-free long-term operation. The sensors feature removable spring-loaded terminal blocks with push-in terminals enabling simple, time-saving and secure connections. The versatile mounting plate fits all commonly used wall boxes around the world. 

Fast Commissioning, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Commissioning and diagnostics are further simplified by the Belimo Assistant App, which uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to enable straightforward setting of critical parameters via a smartphone. The App was developed to provide device settings and operating data for all our active Belimo room devices at your fingertips. Using your smartphone’s NFC function, it provides wireless, efficient configuration, control and on-site operation of room sensors, even if the sensor is not connected to a power supply.

Descargue la App Belimo Assistant

Con un smartphone, la App Belimo Assistant permite una sencilla parametrización, puesta en marcha y localización de averías en el montaje de la válvula de mariposa con el actuador PR. La comunicación NFC y BACnet proporcionan acceso a los datos que necesita para simplificar la instalación y garantizar un rendimiento óptimo.

Nota: los dispositivos móviles no habilitados para NFC precisan de un convertidor ZIP-BT-NFC para el funcionamiento inalámbrico in situ. Póngase en contacto con su distribuidor de Belimo.

Get to Know the people behind

The Belimo Room Sensors team developed the devices with much passion and energy.

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All room units at a glance

Belimo room sensors and room control units have been engineered to suit regional and local market requirements, therefore certain models are only available in designated regions.

Additional Resources

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Belimo offers a full product range of sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and flow in pipe, duct and outdoor applications. Want to know more about our sensor portfolio? Visit your regional websites